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Chronic Pain Clinic

Who is it for?

For individuals who have been living with chronic pain for six months or more.


To help patients learn how to manage pain and improve overall function, focusing on self-management through education and support from a health team by identifying and developing strategies to deal with the issues and disorders that may have contributed to or been impacted by opioid abuse.

How do the visits work?

Patients meet with our medical staff and counsellors via telephone or video conferencing (using a smartphone, tablet or PC) not in a clinic or office.  

The patient will work alongside a healthcare team with a Chronic Pain interest to create a customised pain management action plan.

We will meet with you every four weeks, or as needed, to: 

• Gain further information and understanding about Chronic Pain 

• Help you develop strategies to manage your pain, using a variety of healthcare disciplines for resources and referrals 

• Practice goal setting, while working towards regaining quality of life 

• Provide regular, ongoing monitoring and support for patients and their families.


We prefer referrals from your family physician.  If you do not have one, kindly contact us for more information.

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