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All about Virtual Visits

What is virtual care?

Virtual care uses technology like video consultations and messaging through a secure patient portal to help you connect with or talk to your healthcare provider when you’re not in the same place. Sometimes in-person visits aren’t needed or possible. You can have a virtual visit using telephone or video calls.  Your healthcare provider may ask you to think about virtual care as an option for your next visit or you may just want to learn more about virtual care. This information can help you decide if you’d like to try this. If this type of visit doesn’t work for you, tell your healthcare provider and they will talk with you about other options so you can keep getting the care you need.

Benefits of virtual care

Virtual care is an easy way for you to connect with your healthcare provider using video consultations. This is helpful when in-person appointments must be limited like:

  • during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • you live far away from your healthcare provider’s clinic

  • you can’t get to and from appointments easily

Limitations of virtual care

  • Some services, like minor procedures, are not available through virtual care. Your healthcare provider will work with you to make sure you get these services in other ways if needed.

  • Sometimes there may be technical issues, like problems with internet connections, dropped calls, poor video or audio quality, or frozen screens. Your healthcare provider will arrange a backup plan for how to connect if any of these problems happen during your appointment.

  • Wesmed Medical doesn’t charge any extra fees for virtual care. You can contact your internet or cellular service provider to find out if there are any fees from them if you use video calls.

  • Wesmed Medical is not responsible for internet or cellular service fees that may result from data or service use when you connect with this type of visit. Check first so that you avoid unexpected costs.

Is virtual care private?

  • Your privacy is important. Wesmed Medical uses secure systems to support virtual care. Any personal or health information collected during your virtual visit is protected and used only for purposes allowed by the Health Information Act. It’s used to provide for your care or treatment. Your healthcare provider keeps this information secure and private.

  •  When you have a virtual care visit with your healthcare provider, it’s important for you to be in a quiet, private space so your health information will only be heard or seen by those you choose.

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit uses the telephone or video as a way for you to meet with your healthcare provider when an in-person visit isn’t necessary or possible.

How can I prepare for a virtual visit?

When you book your appointment, tell us whether you prefer an in-person or video consultation. Video consultations are done via an application downloaded to your smartphone or via a link sent to you via e-mail.  It is provided by MyHealthAccess.

  • Find a private, quiet, and well-lit area so that your healthcare provider will be able to hear and see you well. Privacy is important so that your conversation won’t be overheard by other people.

How does a virtual visit start?

  • At the beginning of your virtual visit, you and your healthcare provider will identify yourselves to each other as well as the reason for your visit.

  • Your healthcare provider may ask for another way to contact you, in case your session gets disconnected.

  • If you have a family member or someone you trust with you during your virtual visit, please introduce them to your healthcare provider.

  • Virtual visits are recorded. 

How can I make the most of my virtual visit?

  • If at any time you feel that a virtual visit is not suitable for you, tell your healthcare provider. The session can be stopped. You and your healthcare provider can talk about a different way for you to get the healthcare you need.

  • Your virtual visit will follow a similar process as an in-person visit. You and your healthcare provider can talk about things the same as if you were in the same room. For example, any questions you have (share these early in the session) or how you’re feeling, get or give health information or education, review your treatment plan and discuss care options.

Why am I not seeing any appointment slots?

If you are unable to book an in-person appointment, please check the availability of video appointments instead. If you need an in-person appointment and don’t see any available slots, it is most like

Messaging feature

MyHealthAccess has a feature where messages can be sent to and from your physician and support staff. This feature is secure. This is useful when you want to ask your doctor questions, send pictures


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