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How do I add dependents (ie. children, spouse) to my MyHealthAccess profile?

MyHealthAccess allows you to create dependent profiles under your primary account to address these challenges. A dependent profile can be used to book an appointment using the online booking tools with clinics who are accepting dependent bookings.


To create a dependent profile, open the account menu in your MyHealthAccess account. If you are using MyHealthAccess on a mobile device, the menu will be at the bottom of the screen. The menu will be located at the top left of your screen if you are logged in through the website on a computer. Once the menu is open, click on ‘Dependents’ to open the dependents section.

Click on the ‘Add A Dependent’ button at the bottom of the page to create a new dependent in your account.

Fill out the details. The patient’s first and last names, personal health care number and province of coverage, date of birth and sex at birth are required information for all dependent records. Additional information may be required by the clinics themselves.


Once you are done filling the form, click on the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

Your saved dependents will be visible in the ‘Dependents’ section of your MyHealthAccess account. Simply click on a dependent’s name to update their profile as needed.

Why am I not seeing any appointment slots?

If you are unable to book an in-person appointment, please check the availability of video appointments instead. If you need an in-person appointment and don’t see any available slots, it is most like

Messaging feature

MyHealthAccess has a feature where messages can be sent to and from your physician and support staff. This feature is secure. This is useful when you want to ask your doctor questions, send pictures


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