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How do I send and receive messages with the MyHealthAccess portal?

MyHealthAccess allows you to send and receive messages to and from your health care provider.  

To access messaging, log on to the MyHealthAccess portal on your computer/tablet or open the MyHealthAccess app on your smartphone.  The home screen has several buttons - the fourth button from the top is called "My Messages".    

With the "My Messages" page open, you will see an overview of your messages.  A pencil icon in a purple circle will appear on the top or bottom of the page (depending on whether you use a computer or the app).  Please click the purple pencil icon and follow the prompts to send new messages. 

Why am I not seeing any appointment slots?

If you are unable to book an in-person appointment, please check the availability of video appointments instead. If you need an in-person appointment and don’t see any available slots, it is most like

Messaging feature

MyHealthAccess has a feature where messages can be sent to and from your physician and support staff. This feature is secure. This is useful when you want to ask your doctor questions, send pictures


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