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How do I book an appointment?

Updated: Jul 6

Appointments can only be booked by yourself on the MyHealthAccess patient portal.

Once you logged in, click on Book an Appointment and follow the prompts.

Tip: You can also book appointments for your dependents if they are listed on your profile. That means that they must be registered at our clinic with the same email address as yours. Please refer to the FAQ post on how to add dependents here

Why am I not seeing any appointment slots?

If you are unable to book an in-person appointment, please check the availability of video appointments instead. If you need an in-person appointment and don’t see any available slots, it is most like

Messaging feature

MyHealthAccess has a feature where messages can be sent to and from your physician and support staff. This feature is secure. This is useful when you want to ask your doctor questions, send pictures


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